Jet Set & Go! What you need to know about holidaying during COVID

Jet Set & Go! What you need to know about holidaying during COVID


As of 01/10/2020, the UK has added Turkey to the quarantine list. This means that once you have returned from Turkey, you will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

More information can be found on the BBC News website by clicking here.

It’s fantastic news that the British government has re-instated flights back to Turkey! So before you pack your bags (and anti-bac of course), we’d thought we’d let you know how things have changed and what you need to do to make sure that your well-deserved getaway is as smooth as possible!

At The Airport – Outbound

Most UK airport now has policies in place to make sure that everyone is safe. These measures include wearing a face mask at all times and maintaining social distancing where possible.

Take a look at this video from Manchester Airport of their new travel measures:


You may find that security lines are longer than usual but this is due to social distancing.

Security was quicker than usual [on our recent flight] as easyJet passengers were advised to check baggage into the hold.

Angela Wills

Some airports, including Manchester Airport, have introduced a bookable security slot system to make going through security quicker. More information on this can be found on the Manchester Airport website.

On The Flight

The Onboard Experience

easyJet – London Gatwick to Antalya 2-9 August 2020

Key points:

Cabin Crew wore masks throughout the flight and passengers were asked to keep masks in place at all times other than whilst eating & drinking. Plastic Face Shields/Visors are not sufficient.

Turkish authorities request that baggage be stored in the hold, we were able to take our duty free purchases on board.

Remain seated and only 2 standing whilst waiting for WC.

Refreshment service included hot & cold drinks and cold snacks.

Boarding is now done by row but this didn’t happen on this occasion but disembarking was done strictly by row starting from the front.

Cabin crew are coming round more frequently to collect rubbish so nobody has to handle surplus packaging.

Due to the aircraft being cleaning with a heavy-duty industrial disinfectant, you are advised not to clean your tray table with any gels or wipes.

Top Tip:
If eating, use a large, resealable type bag to put your food on instead of putting it directly on the tray table.

Take a look at these handy videos from various airlines with tips on how to stay safe onboard.

Passenger Locator Health Form

On your flight, you will be asked to complete a Turkish Passenger Locator Health Form. You can either fill this in on the flight or download a PDF of the form before you travel. You can download the form by clicking the link below

Arrival Into AYT

Once you have landed at Antalya, you will have to walk through thermal imaging cameras on your way to Passport Control. You will also have to hand over your Passenger Locator Health Form


If you are planning on travelling to Turkey for up to 90 days and have a British passport, you no longer need to purchase a visa.
If you are planning on staying for longer than 90 days, you will have to purchase a long stay visitors visa.
For up to date information, please visit the foreign travel advice website here.

At The Hotel

Note – The following information is based on Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort.
This information may differ from each and every hotel.

All hotels take a thermal temperature check on arrival.

Regnum staff wore masks at all times but guests didn’t need to. Angela visited a neighbouring hotel and they were asking guests to wear masks whilst indoors – eg passing through Reception, selecting food at the buffet but could remove it whilst outside.

Regnum is a large site, so plenty of space to spread the sunbeds, tables etc. Hand sanitisers everywhere.

Parties still went ahead and shows in the arena – tables had larger gaps between them than usual.

The buffet is no longer self-service – perspex screens have been installed and you point at what you’d like.

Out And About

Belek market opened for its first week on 1 August, we went into town to meet friends, bar staff took our temperatures on arrival. It was very quiet and not all shops were open.

At The Airport – Inbound

The overall check-in experince, security and passport control are very much as before COVID-19. The only ecception to this being that transfer veichles are being stopped at the checkpoint for Officals to confirm that all passengers are wearing face coverings.

Coming home Antalya departures Duty-Free had lots of branded spirits at 50% discount and 3 for 2 on Perfume/Beauty

Arrival Into The UK

48 hours before returning to the UK, all passengers have to complete the Government Health Locator form which is linked to your passport. This means that when you are at Passport Control, you are still able to use the e Gates, albeit with social distancing.

Overall Verdict

Overall we are so pleased we still travelled, although it was a different experience to our usual vacation we felt safe and that measures had been taken to protect us.

Angela Wills

Got any more top tips? Let us know in the comments below or on our forum.


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